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Navneet Foundation is opportunity to contribute. “For it is in giving that we receive.”

Kamlesh S Vikamsey Chairman - Navneet

01 About Navneet

Mission, Vision and Values

Navneet Foundation believes that giving back to the society is the best form of service.

Navneet Foundation was formally incorporated in January 2013. However, we have touched millions of lives through philanthropic endeavors in fields of Education, Health Care, Disaster Relief, Animal Welfare, and Affordable Housing over the past 55 years.

Through this journey of over 5 decades, Navneet Foundation has been the pillar of support for people in need. Navneet Foundation through its pro-active approach has been able to provide valuable services in the fields of:

Disaster Response

Navneet Foundation has been the first to respond in times of natural calamities. Be it the earthquake of Bhuj (2001), or the Floods of Bihar (2008) and Uttarakhand (2013), Navneet Foundation has stood as a pillar of support to the affected families by providing relief supplies during initial period and later by helping communities rebuild their houses and eventually their lives through Owner Driven Reconstruction.

Health Care

At Navneet Foundation we know that any medical emergency in the life of a poor person puts the entire family at risk. Vulnerable families don’t lose just their savings by way of hospitalization expenses, but also lose their day to day income due to loss of days at work.

Multi-specialty hospitals established with the help of Navneet Foundation across Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kutch, provide healthcare services which include diagnostics, hospitalization, surgery etc. at extremely affordable rates. Navneet Hi-tech Hospital and Hira Mongi Navneet Hospitals in Mumbai are stellar examples of this.

Affordable Housing

Owning a house with basic amenities has been the dream of every family. Families from difficult economic background toil years before they can purchase a decent housing. Still for many this remains a dream for generations.

Navneet Foundation, through Navneet Nagar in Dombivili, Maharashtra, and Bhuj Gujarat has helped thousands of families own a home at subsidized rates. Navneet Foundation has also ensured that the Navneet Nagar becomes a vibrant community and actively works in facilitating community interaction and community work.

The philanthropic journey of Navneet Foundation has been captured in our book Sewa Suman.

Our Initiatives


To do our bit for the welfare of the society, Navneet has always been at the fore. And in our endeavor to do so, we have undertaken numerous initiatives in categories such as health care, housing, nutrition and wellness, disaster management etc, a glimpse of which you can see here.

Navneet Chhas Kendra
Navneet Chhas Kendra

Navneet Chhas Kendra

The Navneet Chhas Kendra supports 325 families who come every day at dawn to take their quota of chhas (buttermilk).

This year Bachubhai Rambhia, who manages the Navneet Chhas Kendra fell ill and had to be hospitalized. The doctors were not very hopeful that he will survive. The beneficiary families came together to pray for Bachubhai’s speedy recovery.

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Navneet Hospitals
Navneet Hospitals

Navneet Hospitals

Navneet Group provides strategic support in establishing & functioning of hospitals and healthcare initiatives of various reputed trusts. The principal among these hospitals and trusts are:

Shree Bhojay Sarvodaya Trust

Shree Bidada Sarvodaya Trust is a charitable non-profit organization. The organization is committed to render medical and surgical treatment to patients of all ages, caste & race. The trust is well known for the medical camp it organizes in the month of January in village Bidada, Kutch, India. At the January camp, this year, patients from 1,200 villages visited the camp.

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Navneet Nagar
Navneet Nagar

Navneet Nagar

Navneet Nagar is a landmark in Dombivali. Navneet Family is building 1008 houses in this complex which are offered to deserving people from poor economic background at 1/3rd the cost of construction.

Elders of Navneet (Gala) family make weekly visits to Navneet Nagar to ensure that the issues of residents are being taken care of.

Disaster Response
Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Systems and institutions sustain social work in the fields of education, healthcare, etc. In case of natural disasters like the earthquake in Bhuj or the flash floods in Uttarakhand, it is the compassionate hand of the individuals and corporates that provide the greatest relief.

The effects of the Bhuj Earthquake reached till the ancestral home of the Navneet family. The help that was extended by the Navneet Foundation to the victims of the quake was beyond money. It included robust housing projects, administrative involvement in the rehabilitation process, as well using networks for providing ration, healthcare and public relief to the area.

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Teacher Trainings
Teacher Trainings

Teacher Trainings

Navneet Foundation has setup a team and created a training workshop which aims to acquaint teachers with the significance of activity based teaching-learning

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Navneet Foundation Seva Suman Book

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Future Plans

Navneet Foundation has been undertaking unique and ground-breaking projects in the fields of education, animal welfare, affordable housing, preventive healthcare and patient support, sports promotion.

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As we walked our chosen path, we touched the lives of many, sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly. And here’s what they have to say about us.

03 About Navneet

Founders and Trustees


At Navneet, along with business we also focus on various philanthropic pursuits. And here are the proud Galas who have shouldered those responsibilities with dedication.

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